Mel Kelly in der Süddeutschen Zeitung – April 2024

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Mel Kelly – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Mel Kelly - Comedy Club Munich

Mel Kelly: The Irish Gem of Comedy Club Munich Meet Mel Kelly, the Irish heart and soul of the Comedy Club Munich, who lights up the stage with his unique brand of humor. With a blend of wit and charm only an Irishman can deliver, Mel has become a beloved figure in Munich’s comedy scene.…

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Mark ’n‘ Simon – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Mark ’n‘ Simon: Musi-Comedy mit Schwung im Schlachthof Bereit für eine Show, die euch von den Stühlen reißt? Dann verpasst nicht Mark ’n‘ Simon im Schlachthof! Dieses dynamische Duo bringt mit ihrer einzigartigen Musi-Comedy nicht nur Schwung und Musik auf die Bühne, sondern auch jede Menge Lacher. Mit ihrer Leidenschaft für Musik und Comedy verwandeln…

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Matt Devereux – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Comedy Club Munich - Matt Devereux

Matt Devereux: Canadian charm meets Munich’s laugh muscles Meet Matt Devereux, the Canadian comedian who has made Munich his stage! With his unmistakable charm and astute observations about life and the peculiarities of dealing with people, Matt has often delighted audiences at the Comedy Club Munich. From cultural misunderstandings to everyday absurdities, Matt’s humorous insights…

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René Frotscher – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Meet René Frotscher: Munich’s Multilingual Magician Hello, I’m René Frotscher, your go-to magician in Munich for an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s the intimacy of close-up magic, the charm of after-dinner performances, or the grandeur of stage illusions, I bring magic to life at corporate events, international conferences, weddings, and anniversaries. With…

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Daniel Beaver – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Spotlight on Daniel Beaver: Munich’s Master of Dark British Humour Meet Daniel Beaver, the English comedian who’s taken Munich by storm with his unique blend of short stories and dark British humour.  With a flair for captivating audiences, Daniel not only performs but also runs his own comedy club right here in Munich, showcasing the…

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Bilal Mohammed – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Bilal Mohammed - Comedy Club Munich

Entdeckt Bilal Mohamed: Ein Comedian, der Grenzen überwindet! Lernt Bilal Mohamed kennen, einen Comedian, der mit seinem einzigartigen Humor die Bühnen erobert! Mit Geschichten, die aus dem Herzen kommen und durch seine vielfältigen Lebenserfahrungen geprägt sind, bringt Bilal sein Publikum zum Nachdenken und Lachen. Seine Auftritte sind eine erfrischende Mischung aus Kultur, Alltagsbeobachtungen und cleverem…

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Oliver Thomas  – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Spotlight on Oliver Thomas: Bridging Comedy Cultures Meet Oliver Thomas, a comedian whose wit knows no borders! With one foot in the rich tradition of British humour and the other in the nuanced world of German comedy, Oliver is a master at blending the best of both worlds. His performances are a delightful journey through…

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Rolling in Laughter: Comedy Club Munich’s Hilarious Lineup for 2024

Stand-up Comedy Shows from Comedy Club Munich

The year 2024 is shaping up to be an absolute riot as the Comedy Club Munich gears up to deliver a lineup of stand-up comedy shows that will have audiences rolling in laughter. Brace yourselves for a sidesplitting journey through a world of wit, humor, and uproarious anecdotes that promise to leave you in stitches.…

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Mel Kelly, The visionary founder behind the Comedy Club Munich

In the vibrant world of comedy where laughter rules, one name stands out as a pioneer of the Munich comedy scene – Mel Kelly. As one of the founders of the Comedy Club Munich, Mel Kelly has brought joy, laughter and entertainment to countless audiences and provided a platform for talented comedians to showcase their…

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