René Frotscher – Comedy Club Munich – February 10 at Schlachthof Munich

Meet René Frotscher: Munich’s Multilingual Magician

Hello, I’m René Frotscher, your go-to magician in Munich for an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether it’s the intimacy of close-up magic, the charm of after-dinner performances, or the grandeur of stage illusions, I bring magic to life at corporate events, international conferences, weddings, and anniversaries.

With a repertoire that spans across table magic to large-scale illusions, my performances are tailored to add a touch of wonder to your special events. Fluent in English and German, and conversant in French, Spanish, and with a working knowledge of Japanese, I connect with diverse audiences, making every magical moment more inclusive and engaging.

Looking to elevate your next event with a sprinkle of magic? Let’s make your celebration unforgettable with performances that are as international as they are mesmerizing.