Our Show June 2015

Great Show on 11. June 2015 in Munich

We had a great Show with many guets and entertaining Comedians.

Comedy Club Munich: Mel Kelly

Mel Kelly auf der Bühne im  Cord Club Munich. Diesmal hat er seine Show in Deutsch präsentiert. Hier das Video!

Kumar Barua in action!

Kumar Barua in full swing at the show in June 2015. Have a look!

Andreas Beckenbach in unserer Comedy Show am 11. Juni 2015

Andreas hat mal wieder ein komplett neues Programm präsentriert. Das sollte man gesehen haben: Hier geht es zum Video!



Suhail Dhawan in our Comedy Show

On stage at Comedy Club Munich with its completely new program. Discover his great performance and have a lot of fun!



Christopher Magyar in our Comedy Show on 11. Juni 2015

Christopher Magyar has made fun of the various "long nights" in Munich. To get further information discover the video.