Mel Kelly in our Comedy Show

Mel Kelly has surpassed himself in his performance. He also presented his comedy book and has signed many copies for his fans. 

John Zimmer says about his book: „In “Born in Ireland, Made in Germany”, Mel Kelly recounts the struggles and adventures he encountered when he moved from Dublin to Munich. The social, cultural and linguistic differences between the two countries are laid bare, with Kelly frequently caught dangling somewhere between the two. Fortunately for him, German beer is just as good as Guinness.

The book is a fun and easy read and it puts a smile on your face more than once. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking that the book is only of interest to the Irish and Germans. Every expat in the world will be able to identify with the humorous situations in which Kelly has found himself, regardless of their countries of origin or destination. Indeed, anyone who has vacationed in a foreign country will recognize many of these situations as well“.

More information on his website!