Mel Kelly celebrates premiere: Two solo shows in one evening at the Comedy Club Munich

On Saturday, April 22, comedian Mel Kelly celebrated a premiere at the Comedy Club Munich. For the first time, he presented two of his solo shows on one evening. A challenge that the experienced comedian mastered with excellence.

Mel Kelly thrilled the audience with his unforgettable humor and his unique stage presence. His first show, „How to become German in 61.2 Minutes“, already caused laughter and applause in the hall. But that was not all: afterward, he showed his new show „How to find Love in Germany in 61.2 Minutes.“

„It was an incredible experience to play two solo shows in one evening,“ Mel Kelly said after the performance. „I’m grateful to everyone who made it possible.“  A special thanks to the Shamrock Pub in Munich.

Mel Kelly has written a book for each of his two solo shows:

Born in Ireland – Made in Germany.

Top-Tipps for Dating Disasters

The next shows: