Big German-English Comedy Show 6. November 2015

Comedy Club Munich has invited international comedians from Canada, USA, Ireland, Prague and Germany to Munich for the biggest German-English speaking Comedy Show in Germany 2015!

Der Comedy Club Munich hat internationale Comedians aus Canada, USA, Irland, Prag und Deutschland nach München zu der größten deutsch-/ englisch-sprachigen Comedy Show in Deutschland in 2015 eingeladen.

International guests:

Mark ´n` Simon MusiComedy auf Deutsch und Englisch (Dschinglisch)

Ihren Humor versteht jeder, denn sie sprechen „Dschinglisch“! Eine Kreuzung zwischen Deutsch und Englisch. Ihre “MusiComedy“ ist eine Mischung aus Musik und Comedy. In hoher Geschwindigkeit bringen sie einen Gag nach dem anderen. Bei allem Klamauk und Nonsens ist dennoch genug Geistreiches beigemischt. Umwerfende Persiflagen und geniale Wortspiele jagen sich und werden mit unbändiger Lust und einer gehörigen Portion Selbstironie vorgetragen.

Ciarán McMahon:
Mr. Stand-up Comedy Ireland

Ciarán McMahon is a comedy firework on stage. He has headlined at major comedy festivals like the ‘The Village’ festival in New York, Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Cologne Comedy Festival, Cats Laughs Kilkenny. For many years he has been giving comedy workshops to Irish TV and corporations. He has also produced a short film for the Cannes festival. He will present a special program in Munich with maximum entertainment guaranteed.

Matt Devereux, Toronto, Kanada, Wahlmünchner

Matt Devereux is a Canadian living in Germany who has being performing Stand-up Comedy for over 15 years. He has a unique Canadian perspective on the German way of life. He brings a humour, energy and dynamic on stage that you will never forget. Non-stop laughs are guaranteed. He is also the founder of two very successful Comedy Clubs in Munich.

Luke Ryan,
Irish comedian based in Prague

Luke Ryan is an Irish comedian based in Prague. He has performed all over Ireland, Central Europe, Argentina and Colombia, wowing audiences with his inability to understand and accept what really goes on in life. Luke is the founder of the English Comedy Club in Prague, and prepared the Comedy Club Munich for the first ever show in 2014.
Please look at this program from Luke at our show!

Christopher, Wahlmünchner

Christopher is an American gentleman comedian with a dark side! His extremely perceptive observations of Munich and it citizens provides the basis of his Stand-Up Comedy. With his subtle and deliberate approach, he surprises his audience every time and skillfully brings them to laughter. His performances in Comedy Club Munich are among the highlights of each show.

The Comedy Club Munich Team: